What others have said about past WORTHY concerts

“This was so wonderfully amazing. God’s Presence was so thick and glorious. Such high praise to Jesus.”
—Pastor Robert Clark

“Even tonight I am singing these songs in my head and remembering The Presence from last night. The Lord knew that I was desperate for a battery recharging and did I ever get, JUST THAT!!! Being there and knowing that HE was the recipient of that marvelous wonderful Praise offering is almost indescribable. Please please do it again!!!”
—Eileen Hollenbeck Potter Ahart

“Heaven came to earth.”
—Bettina Arleo

“One of the most amazing nights of worship I have ever attended!”
‎—Pastor Santosh Ninan‎

“Come and be bathed in this EPIC ensemble! Joe Salzano, some angels, talented musicians, and beautiful people have made this truly the biggest and most moving event that I have ever been involved with…..What an awesome and humbling experience it has been—and that was just practice!! Hope to see you there!”
—Shayla Harrington, Choir vocalist

“Praise to God the Father, and to Jesus the King of Kings, and to the Holy Spirit who was present and actively moving through Bailey Hall!! Thank you, Joe and Marilyn, for your obedience and sacrifice to help further the kingdom of God and lead others to higher PRAISE. Thank you, thank you for Worthy 2017. Praying for Worthy 2018!”
—Heidi Yunker Dorpfeld

“Did you notice what happened as soon as the music started—maybe not because you were part of the production, but immediately the room opened up to His Presence—Susan [Zanovitch], it swooped down over us all, in a most magnificent way!!! Immediately people had to stand—it was so FELT!!!”
—Eileen Hollenbeck Potter Ahart

The presence of the LORD was thick in Bailey Hall last night, we touched the heart of God and He touched us! THANK YOU JESUS! I still have tears of joy just remembering what happened last night! Thank You to all who participated; HE IS RISEN!”
—Paul Slusarczyk

“The Holy Spirit was in the room. There was dancing, weeping, awe, and surrender. This wasn’t a performance for an audience. This was a choir of praise for the King of Kings.”
—Olivia Simoni ‘21, Lead Vocalist

“It was wonderful to gather with a wide swath of students and other members of the Christian community to worship the Righteous One who saves and reigns. The name of our great God was lifted high in Scripture, song, music, banners, and dance. I suspect our community was strengthened in mission and witness because of it.
—Dr. Geoff Sackett, Christian Union ministry director at Cornell

“God moved so mightily in His people’s hearts that night,” she said. “There was a sense of unity amongst believers of all ages and backgrounds. I felt so grateful to have witnessed heaven come down on this campus in such a special way during this Lent season.”
—Sophia Jeon ‘21